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Transfer History

Players bought: 183
Players sold: 236
Total purchases: Rs 2,155,967,795
Total sales: Rs 2,344,322,490
Displaying 121-140 of 419 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
27-12-2016David BageThe Exotic DEMONSKERALA BLAZERS XI 21,3721,900,000 
27-12-2016Aman GopiruluThe Exotic DEMONSDeactivated team 16,355456,100 
27-12-2016Hasan HafeezThe Exotic DEMONSVibrant Warriors 20,098900,000 
27-12-2016Charan ShastryThe Exotic DEMONSCommando Force 24,4812,020,000 
27-12-2016Henry MillerThe Exotic DEMONSRattlesnake 17,800900,000 
20-12-2016Shatrunjay KanikkarThe Exotic DEMONSKAVVAL TIGERS XI 25,1882,088,100 
19-12-2016Suchit ShrivastavSwappy SupremosThe Exotic DEMONS 24,8771,400,000 
18-12-2016Donald WallaceORANGE VIPERSThe Exotic DEMONS 23,7353,000,000 
18-12-2016Saeed GulAniketkoyande AxesThe Exotic DEMONS 18,6882,900,000 
18-12-2016Ajoy KohliDeactivated teamThe Exotic DEMONS 22,3062,547,000 
18-12-2016Raimy MurrayThe Exotic DEMONSSpecial Eleven 79,24354,000,000 
18-12-2016Sheikh AshrafThe Exotic DEMONSKings XI 5983 30,9131,850,000 
18-12-2016Alex ZoehrerThe Exotic DEMONSThe Master Blasters 17,7231,200,000 
09-12-2016Sheikh AshrafAJC ScorpiosThe Exotic DEMONS 30,9133,060,000 
04-12-2016Marshall Bewleyfight for honourThe Exotic DEMONS 28,19916,000,000 
24-11-2016Rishab JainThe Exotic DEMONSVk Pk 4695 37,2041,082,600 
24-11-2016Gayani WelegedaraThe Exotic DEMONSBrits Bulls 31,273563,400 
21-11-2016Asif MirQuetta smashersThe Exotic DEMONS 16,370300,000 
21-11-2016Leroy KentishIndian falconsThe Exotic DEMONS 27,1154,208,300 
21-11-2016Henry MillerDheeraj XI 2694The Exotic DEMONS 17,800700,000 
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