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Transfer History

Players bought: 183
Players sold: 236
Total purchases: Rs 2,155,967,795
Total sales: Rs 2,344,322,490
Displaying 101-120 of 419 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
11-01-2017Lakhan BhatiaDraamebaazThe Exotic DEMONS 34,47914,000,000 
07-01-2017Viswanath VelusamyThe Exotic DEMONSHornsby District 14,51925,500 
07-01-2017Anchal ThashmilaThe Exotic DEMONSVizag Cyclones 39,3161,163,600 
07-01-2017Chamith GanegamaThe Exotic DEMONSDeactivated team 20,887500,000 
06-01-2017Arnab GuptaDinezmob XIThe Exotic DEMONS 34,79620,000,000 
04-01-2017Madhav ChekavanPunyalan'sThe Exotic DEMONS 55,34510,855,000 
31-12-2016Coloman DarwinThe Exotic DEMONSStrikers 2018 27,93410,000,000 
30-12-2016Arnav AgarwalBlasters ElevensThe Exotic DEMONS 24,0753,500,000 
27-12-2016Venkatesh SathyaThe Exotic DEMONSkaran k panthers 15,153351,800 
27-12-2016Vagesh RajvanshiThe Exotic DEMONSDeactivated team 18,016906,100 
27-12-2016Sravan BisoyiThe Exotic DEMONSRambo Sparta XI 17,024281,900 
27-12-2016Mohan AgarwalThe Exotic DEMONSWinter Spartans 10,82012,300 
27-12-2016Ridley LewisThe Exotic DEMONSVattakottai Legends 18,714152,900 
27-12-2016Leroy KentishThe Exotic DEMONSISLAMABAAD STRICKERS 27,1155,000,000 
27-12-2016Rajkumar BhagatThe Exotic DEMONSLDl STRIKERS 13,136714,000 
27-12-2016Asif MirThe Exotic DEMONSKashmir gladiator 16,3701,111,111 
27-12-2016Dinesh MohammedThe Exotic DEMONSBabbu Maan Club 21,8581,000,000 
27-12-2016Nicholas SimpsonThe Exotic DEMONSKosh XI 18,543900,000 
27-12-2016Aluri GuruThe Exotic DEMONSKosh XI 13,5471,000,000 
27-12-2016Chinmay SakechepThe Exotic DEMONSNepal Legend 18,509900,000 
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