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Transfer History

Players bought: 46
Players sold: 53
Total purchases: Rs 198,006,100
Total sales: Rs 172,804,965
Displaying 61-80 of 99 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
17-08-2015Sarpreet PassiBall BreakerssThe Trend setters 25,4752,613,000 
16-08-2015Aghaz AliDeactivated teamThe Trend setters 17,4462,959,000 
16-08-2015Arlo Simpsonnkab15The Trend setters 16,1722,559,600 
15-08-2015Shane KingsfordThe Trend settersMumbai Indianss Team 14,897132,600 
13-08-2015Muhammed RafikThe Trend settersRISING STAR11 12,799500,000 
13-08-2015Abhishek SaiKrishnaknight kolkataThe Trend setters 10,748448,800 
13-08-2015Mohan SagolsemThe Trend settersDelhi Giants 8,73710,000 
12-08-2015Balraj ChopraRoyal Striker'sThe Trend setters 12,011104,100 
11-08-2015Dennis LebesecloudersThe Trend setters 11,37156,800 
27-07-2015Chandrahaas KotokiThe Trend setterslavan cc 2,68610,000 
23-07-2015Ranbir NainThe Trend settersHANUSHA 28,854408,000 
23-07-2015Swaroop RaghavanThe Trend settersHALDIA RIDERS 17,4412,381,800 
29-06-2015Donald TrottThe Trend settersmonster hunting 31,2471,500,000 
18-06-2015Salvador CamaraThe Trend settersDeactivated team 11,10013,200 
14-06-2015Mohan SagolsemrohithrangapurisThe Trend setters 8,737110,600 
14-06-2015Balakrishna ChandrashekaraBIJARO BULDOSERThe Trend setters 14,034804,300 
12-06-2015Jahbar VanarThe Trend settersAnappara XI 9,76892,300 
12-06-2015Jagat RedhuThe Trend settersBest amid the rest 5,40810,000 
12-06-2015Moin WazirThe Trend settersBest amid the rest 4,77010,000 
11-06-2015Arijit PatelThe Trend settersPatna Bullets 12,56110,000 
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