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Transfer History

Players bought: 46
Players sold: 53
Total purchases: Rs 198,006,100
Total sales: Rs 172,804,965
Displaying 41-60 of 99 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
24-11-2015Nishchal SharmaThe Trend settersNothing to Lose 14,146374,800 
22-11-2015Vishnu ChandraTHE MIGHTY ONEThe Trend setters 88,20426,640,000 
10-11-2015Baber AliThe Trend settersThe Raza Cricket Team 13,4933,568,700 
08-10-2015Utkarsh TambeThe Trend settersRequiescat in Pace 14,0502,165,000 
01-10-2015Tanuj SharmaThe Trend settersVizag whales 17,0302,653,100 
26-09-2015Somdipto MahlotraThe Trend settersOmnipotentS 8,44830,000 
31-08-2015Jason Mzizixtreme guysThe Trend setters 34,3205,188,000 
24-08-2015Shattesh AgarwalThe Trend settersNandysapio11 10,814413,200 
24-08-2015Shubhanshu KhanzodeThe Trend settersNandysapio11 13,386219,300 
24-08-2015Mehul MuleyThe Trend settersFirE WInGs'''Mk 12,41710,000 
21-08-2015Balakrishna ChandrashekaraThe Trend settersTurf Champs 14,034666,666 
21-08-2015Ajoy ChuauhangThe Trend settersDeactivated team 10,36920,000 
19-08-2015Kevin GoochAhmedabad IndiansThe Trend setters 28,0781,224,000 
18-08-2015Narhari NawatheThe Trend settersgentlemens 18,8844,826,800 
18-08-2015Peter DavisAUGUSTINE RUNNERSThe Trend setters 28,6551,800,000 
18-08-2015Tharindu Aslamdelhi jattsThe Trend setters 20,2414,224,100 
18-08-2015Badri PinnamaneniThe Trend settersYoungstersXI 19,3133,570,000 
18-08-2015Chandramauli BhattacharjeeThe Trend settersRM XI 18,9472,835,500 
18-08-2015Upjeet KambojThe Trend settersgentlemens 20,6795,202,000 
18-08-2015Sapumal NuhaThe Trend setterswinning wizards 20,8912,815,700 
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