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Transfer History

Players bought: 13
Players sold: 4
Total purchases: Rs 932,471,200
Total sales: Rs 433,486,600
Displaying 1-17 of 17 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
19-09-2020Abhik HauselKING OF KINGS 1Babu Rao Mast XI 12,0673,340,000 
19-09-2020Deep SaxenaKING OF KINGS 1Babu Rao Mast XI 13,5893,410,000 
25-08-2020Cyril MortonFatal EaglesBabu Rao Mast XI 292,871111,000,000 
01-08-2020Osric ScuttBabu Rao Mast XIRelinquished XI 320,73463,526,200 
26-07-2020Courtney NichollsBabu Rao Mast XIRoyal Kings 8631 265,32528,638,400 
11-07-2020Osric ScuttNikwolverineBabu Rao Mast XI 320,734133,650,000 
25-06-2020Puneet BakshiBabu Rao Mast XIArun Amazers 8082 742,487223,664,200 
21-06-2020Courtney NichollsMaGiCaL MoNsTeRBabu Rao Mast XI 265,32597,000,000 
05-06-2020Puneet BakshiFatal EaglesBabu Rao Mast XI 666,454344,000,000 
04-06-2020Paul DonaldBabu Rao Mast XIRasipuram Rebels 340,405117,657,800 
03-06-2020Paul DonaldFatal EaglesBabu Rao Mast XI 340,405232,000,000 
02-06-2020Kishan DalaiSin DictatorsBabu Rao Mast XI 12,0461,240,000 
02-06-2020Hamish PericlesSin DictatorsBabu Rao Mast XI 14,0261,320,000 
02-06-2020Lucas AndersonDisaster SledgersBabu Rao Mast XI 13,1991,800,000 
02-06-2020Callum FarlarmDisaster SledgersBabu Rao Mast XI 16,2821,604,800 
02-06-2020Tapishwar SharmaDTWISTERSBabu Rao Mast XI 12,1731,215,400 
02-06-2020Debesh BaruahDTWISTERSBabu Rao Mast XI 25,609891,000