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Transfer History

Players bought: 82
Players sold: 137
Total purchases: Rs 514,786,700
Total sales: Rs 580,380,688
Displaying 1-20 of 215 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
05-04-2017Sudarshan AsraniThe Golden CompanyCape Cobras 17 15,3431,368,700 
26-02-2017Pranhas BhoteThe Golden Companycybertron 5441 17,5112,999,888 
09-02-2017Domesan AdapaThe Golden CompanyDeactivated team 15,0414,998,000 
06-12-2016Tharun NaiduThe Golden CompanyKXIK 77,15512,746,600 
02-12-2016Yugesh MehtaThe Golden CompanyDeactivated team 20,7291,000,000 
28-11-2016Jivesh ApteThe Golden CompanyIndia 3575 24,987500,000 
06-10-2016Vishaal DubeThe Golden CompanyDaShInG InDiAnS 15,9451,273,500 
11-09-2016Ronak RathoreThe Golden CompanyMONSTER FORCE 14,814233,600 
18-08-2016Kishore NaraThe Golden CompanyDeactivated team 18,577300,000 
30-07-2016Rahul DeshpandeThe Golden CompanyRahul Champs 19,8363,358,600 
15-07-2016Saharsh ChandwaniThe Golden CompanySpeed 3148 14,0672,703,000 
16-06-2016Naga SubramaniamThe Golden Companyjaq da warrior 132,60439,000,000 
10-06-2016Matt CarmichaelThe Golden CompanyNKS MIGHTY GIANTS 9,539568,800 
10-06-2016Anshuman MakwanaThe Golden CompanyRoyal Bengals 23,0927,768,600 
05-05-2016Yugesh ShergillThe Golden CompanyChallenger's XI 21,1224,005,100 
14-04-2016Armaan MohantyThe Golden Companyhyderabad badshas 24,27817,926,900 
10-02-2016Larry LaurantusThe Golden CompanymOiRaBaRi XI 14,5461,061,300 
04-02-2016Nimesh AggarwalThe Golden CompanyAap K Papa G 11,2793,490,400 
14-01-2016Abhimithra BhoteThe Golden CompanySaadi Sporting Club 12,7861,040,400 
04-01-2016Neo MbindiThe Real GundaThe Golden Company 209,63477,800,000 
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