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Transfer History

Players bought: 183
Players sold: 216
Total purchases: Rs 1,748,459,000
Total sales: Rs 2,481,811,690
Displaying 1-20 of 399 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
23-08-2018Rishab JoshiTHE SCIENCE OF DEDUCTIONSaad Gamer 150,975120,312,800 
16-06-2018Somdipto MukherjeeBantu balaTHE SCIENCE OF DEDUCTION 9,9634,120,000 
12-06-2018Maahir ChattopadhyayTHE SCIENCE OF DEDUCTIONDotdotdot Digglers 134,90146,919,800 
12-06-2018Waqar ButtTHE SCIENCE OF DEDUCTIONHangover 173,61933,767,600 
12-06-2018Varun NandodeTHE SCIENCE OF DEDUCTIONAiravata Phoenix 241,99039,680,100 
12-06-2018Joss ButlerTHE SCIENCE OF DEDUCTIONUnited Power 150,657152,246,400 
12-06-2018Thashmila DhammikaTHE SCIENCE OF DEDUCTIONThe Avengers 777 203,16633,528,200 
01-05-2018Abanindra RajkhowaEngineers 11THE SCIENCE OF DEDUCTION 258,08790,000,000 
29-04-2018Damodara BoruahTHE SCIENCE OF DEDUCTIONkiller instrict 5,2514,420,000 
15-04-2018Anuraag OswalTHE SCIENCE OF DEDUCTIONKnoxfield Knockouts 159,275101,295,900 
19-03-2018Kartik VaidyanMowli DragonsTHE SCIENCE OF DEDUCTION 14,8993,320,000 
12-03-2018Thashmila DhammikaRising 11THE SCIENCE OF DEDUCTION 211,69965,000,000 
05-03-2018Upendra BudhathokiTHE SCIENCE OF DEDUCTIONUsman Urns 5431 13,810912,800 
05-03-2018Dwayne BinnsTHE SCIENCE OF DEDUCTIONQazi Muneef 18,6481,280,600 
05-03-2018Ajit BhagdikarTHE SCIENCE OF DEDUCTIONYash Lions 3676 12,755344,400 
05-03-2018Uday SaxenaTHE SCIENCE OF DEDUCTIONShubh Daredevils 21,830394,300 
05-03-2018Nihal RampalTHE SCIENCE OF DEDUCTIONUsman Urns 5431 17,952551,700 
05-03-2018Zahid AsimTHE SCIENCE OF DEDUCTIONUsman Urns 5431 14,063330,000 
05-03-2018Cedric LeeTHE SCIENCE OF DEDUCTIONRoyal Challengers 8654 17,635437,200 
04-03-2018Waqar ButtGryffindor EliteTHE SCIENCE OF DEDUCTION 173,61969,900,000 
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