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Transfer History

Players bought: 190
Players sold: 175
Total purchases: Rs 2,770,746,210
Total sales: Rs 4,122,113,999
Displaying 181-200 of 364 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
18-04-2016Shah PirachaChennai Super King'sCavaliers 200,92383,685,000 
16-04-2016Jawahar ModiKishorekumar PlayersChennai Super King's 16,60910,200 
20-01-2016Punita GoelChennai Super King'sNX 007 27,3653,585,700 
18-01-2016Fred KellyTHE RaDiOaCtIvE BoYsChennai Super King's 81,64119,918,500 
17-12-2015Hasan KardarDeAnDaNgErChennai Super King's 98,18022,888,800 
15-12-2015Stephen WoodwardHarbingers Of ChaoSChennai Super King's 127,92380,000,000 
14-12-2015Rajanikant PothuvalChennai Super King'sReal knights 207,87470,039,800 
14-12-2015Auburn HewittChennai Super King'sDeactivated team 23,4288,000,000 
12-12-2015Ismail IbadullaAnkan XI 306108Chennai Super King's 5,33210,000 
20-11-2015Gangaadhar Kamarapusiva1111Chennai Super King's 90,77519,121,800 
19-11-2015Osman MiandadChennai Super King'sLEGIONS 70,04824,775,700 
23-10-2015Auburn HewittHitz XIChennai Super King's 15,7206,473,900 
17-09-2015Moulinath ChettiarNPI Dream Team revampChennai Super King's 37,38213,677,500 
26-08-2015Farooq RashidChennai Super King'sWicket Snatcher's XI 30,4894,669,400 
24-08-2015Ankith KavuriAUSPICIOUS XIChennai Super King's 41,99914,565,600 
22-08-2015Dilbaag KapoorChennai Super King'sAndheri Raat Me Diya Tere Haath Me 29,4063,655,400 
21-08-2015Nikhil MahlotraChennai Super King'sThe Kingsman Stars 25,2971,420,500 
16-08-2015Harinath MoosadChennai Super King'sChandni Chowk To China 13,0964,000,000 
16-08-2015Ajantha ChannaChennai Super King'sThe Starks of Winterfell 17,9356,500,000 
16-08-2015Dale PollockMusketeers of QueenChennai Super King's 69,25730,000,000 
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