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Transfer History

Players bought: 29
Players sold: 20
Total purchases: Rs 194,465,400
Total sales: Rs 107,988,144
Displaying 41-49 of 49 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
03-08-2017Mohsin Sasooliblack ice xiAnkit Vipers 39,2625,942,200 
27-07-2017Cameron HusseyX1 Men ArmyAnkit Vipers 9,6011,022,200 
27-07-2017David JonesREDEEMINGAnkit Vipers 25,0093,000,000 
26-07-2017Rohan MishraSurendra StrikersAnkit Vipers 10,935462,000 
22-07-2017Jason OramSilent hunterrsAnkit Vipers 20,3682,122,500 
21-07-2017Cooper LaurensDeMoNz XiAnkit Vipers 17,1651,080,000 
21-07-2017Balraj SahniTAMIL SHARKESAnkit Vipers 13,128300,000 
21-07-2017Hugh DarrellSYLHET XIAnkit Vipers 15,8531,020,000 
20-07-2017Dost AliKorish 11Ankit Vipers 13,2211,020,000 
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