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Transfer History

Players bought: 145
Players sold: 136
Total purchases: Rs 1,432,734,610
Total sales: Rs 1,334,332,007
Displaying 161-180 of 281 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
17-02-2016Bhargav ThupalliThe Masters of 619SmRt SiD FC 24,2836,065,700 
13-02-2016Cyril AddisAd VictoriamThe Masters of 619 59,71620,808,000 
10-02-2016Abhishek MenonThe Masters of 619Chennai lions XI 29,6567,762,200 
09-02-2016Charandas KhandelwalThe Masters of 619Dubai XI 36,44712,506,100 
03-02-2016Kshaunish JakkannavarRANG BAAZThe Masters of 619 61,97525,000,000 
03-02-2016Anuj JayakumarThe Masters of 619Andrew XI 350815 21,0713,941,700 
03-02-2016Bradley PercyThe Masters of 619U CAN'T SEE ME 19,9272,100,000 
27-01-2016Nasir RizwanThe Masters of 619Deactivated team 28,6877,000,000 
27-01-2016Abhishek JayakumarThe Masters of 619Pcircle 27,8674,200,000 
22-01-2016Dayaakar SumanAvinaashThe Masters of 619 31,05211,951,300 
15-01-2016Apoorv BajpaiSHADOWHUNTERSThe Masters of 619 19,525100,000 
04-01-2016Rohit KohliThe Masters of 619Blakeswan Breakers 20,5064,033,900 
30-12-2015Abhishek RathoreThe Masters of 619kdXI Cricket Team 22,5541,819,700 
29-12-2015Charandas KhandelwalNuke RangersThe Masters of 619 36,3407,160,400 
15-12-2015Aritra DagaThe Masters of 619mAVericks EleVeN 22,9684,240,900 
03-12-2015Manvinder TararThe Masters of 619super shiners 28,9754,500,000 
24-11-2015Bhargav ThupalliHard Hitters TeamThe Masters of 619 22,9352,500,000 
19-11-2015Nasir RizwanPaul XIThe Masters of 619 27,8804,200,000 
17-11-2015Abdur KirmaniThe Masters of 619Sapkota Xi Warriors 26,0482,000,000 
17-11-2015Lakshman ChaturvediThe Masters of 619Gorkha Club XI 25,2344,155,500 
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