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Transfer History

Players bought: 141
Players sold: 133
Total purchases: Rs 1,321,964,610
Total sales: Rs 1,230,654,807
Displaying 141-160 of 274 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
11-05-2016Patrick KapriceThe Masters of 619Manu Championss 19,8154,247,000 
11-05-2016Kshaunish JakkannavarThe Masters of 619SOLANKI DYNASTY  74,79830,031,100 
04-05-2016Michael LauraPozhiyoor CyclopsThe Masters of 619 55,75613,260,000 
14-04-2016Marshall DarvallThe Masters of 619Punjab R Thors 17,8744,020,600 
14-04-2016Alvin CarnegieThe Masters of 619Foreign players 23,1134,161,600 
31-03-2016Charles WheenThe Masters of 619SRT XI 21,2514,686,800 
25-03-2016Prasad VaasFerocious FanaticsThe Masters of 619 66,41117,066,400 
23-03-2016Dayaakar SumanThe Masters of 619Hurricane99 35,74912,354,300 
19-03-2016Ahmed ShahzadGhatak' The fightersThe Masters of 619 32,92616,626,000 
08-03-2016Cyril AddisThe Masters of 619Pushti 64,64320,315,300 
28-02-2016Shahid ShehreyarDeactivated teamThe Masters of 619 36,27410,125,500 
27-02-2016Jacob SpraggThe Masters of 619Drama kings 24,22510,000,000 
18-02-2016Gerald WaldronThe Masters of 619Deactivated team 16,5971,632,000 
17-02-2016Bhargav ThupalliThe Masters of 619SmRt SiD FC 24,2836,065,700 
13-02-2016Cyril AddisAd VictoriamThe Masters of 619 59,71620,808,000 
10-02-2016Abhishek MenonThe Masters of 619Chennai lions XI 29,6567,762,200 
09-02-2016Charandas KhandelwalThe Masters of 619Dubai XI 36,44712,506,100 
03-02-2016Kshaunish JakkannavarRANG BAAZThe Masters of 619 61,97525,000,000 
03-02-2016Anuj JayakumarThe Masters of 619Andrew XI 350815 21,0713,941,700 
03-02-2016Bradley PercyThe Masters of 619U CAN'T SEE ME 19,9272,100,000 
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