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Transfer History

Players bought: 118
Players sold: 138
Total purchases: Rs 4,359,352,400
Total sales: Rs 5,172,146,854
Displaying 121-140 of 254 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
18-05-2017Anjay Thapacg thunderboltsKING OF TIGERS 16,91712,882,300 
13-05-2017Cyril CollinsKING OF TIGERSDooms XI 44,92416,000,000 
11-05-2017Sudhir ChapagaiBONGSKING OF TIGERS 18,4695,000,000 
11-05-2017Hafiz KhanSummershireKING OF TIGERS 17,14211,876,100 
11-05-2017Arvind DesaiMaratha raidersKING OF TIGERS 17,2147,035,900 
10-05-2017Basil LockwoodKING OF TIGERSHell on Heels 57,62625,500,000 
05-05-2017Cyril CollinsKING OF TIGERSKING OF TIGERS 42,37922,940,800 
05-05-2017Osric KeanKING OF TIGERSBirender Strikers 46,88831,470,000 
04-05-2017Rahat JawadKING OF TIGERSROYAL BENGAL CRICKET CLUB 33,2229,900,700 
02-05-2017Salah RazzakKING OF TIGERSFast Speed 53,14138,000,000 
02-05-2017Victor NonaKING OF TIGERSKumara 11 52,84740,856,600 
02-05-2017Shoiab ElahiSoy Un DuroKING OF TIGERS 21,47516,321,900 
29-04-2017Akshay BadniDeactivated teamKING OF TIGERS 14,83031,300 
29-04-2017Dhanshri VeerapurDeactivated teamKING OF TIGERS 9,86735,000 
28-04-2017Biman BaruaKING OF TIGERSadkd 48,37232,100,000 
31-03-2017Uttamjot ChahalKING OF TIGERSthunder strike 21,9402,653,100 
09-03-2017Paramveer DuttaKING OF TIGERSINDIA 1964 19,6832,252,500 
27-02-2017Cyril CollinsDeactivated teamKING OF TIGERS 22,2135,100,000 
23-02-2017Hardas MalhotraKING OF TIGERSUday Reddy XI 16,1403,478,200 
21-02-2017Alvin ClarkeKING OF TIGERSHISTORY CREATOR 69,40335,910,000 
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