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Transfer History

Players bought: 5
Players sold: 3
Total purchases: Rs 2,380,200
Total sales: Rs 499,300
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DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
16-04-2015Shoiab RafiqOld DOHS ChargersSmart Playrs 11,306237,000 
16-04-2015Yasim MalikOld DOHS ChargersSMOKIN NINJAS 9,502204,100 
16-04-2015Isa GulOld DOHS ChargersINC'RED'IBL 'INDIA' 3,03858,200 
14-04-2015Stephen WaideIndian Fire ElevenOld DOHS Chargers 7,30710,000 
13-04-2015Kanchana RavinduSingh Of IndiaOld DOHS Chargers 14,495520,200 
13-04-2015Deepam NaidudhanushOld DOHS Chargers 40,056750,000 
13-04-2015Athreya NamputiriKottayam AchayanzzOld DOHS Chargers 13,972550,000 
13-04-2015Hamza AgarwalGHoZt RIderZz 007Old DOHS Chargers 14,769550,000