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Transfer History

Players bought: 72
Players sold: 78
Total purchases: Rs 430,411,600
Total sales: Rs 231,061,720
Displaying 101-120 of 140 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
21-08-2015Paresh ManiMangalore United XIDeactivated team 17,61699,900 
21-08-2015Govinda MadivalarMangalore United XILahore Umar King 33,2822,020,000 
20-08-2015Thami SepengMangalore United XIWarriors Of Darkness 26,00610,200 
20-08-2015Abhay VermaMangalore United XIBAHUBALI XI 14,088500,000 
20-08-2015Wilf PowellMangalore United XIMangalore United XI 15,878100,000 
17-08-2015Wilf Powellpunjab11 blasterMangalore United XI 15,878204,000 
04-08-2015Gabby AlcottMangalore United XIBall Hiters 10,97510,000 
27-07-2015Madhangopal ShasthriMangalore United XIIndian Battle 10,21910,000 
27-07-2015Sachin IngaleMangalore United XIAmit XI Team 14,07210,000 
27-07-2015Abhilash HubliMangalore United XIchinmaykegyarah 28,425122,400 
24-07-2015Aayushman HalemaniMangalore United XIclouders 12,85410,200 
24-07-2015Sachith StephniMangalore United XIclouders 10,88810,500 
24-07-2015Harish WohraMangalore United XIclouders 8,55210,500 
20-07-2015Chandra KatakeyMangalore United XIRedDevilz 7,962102,000 
19-07-2015Rajivalochana JogiyaniMangalore United XIIlyas Crews 11 8,06810,000 
16-07-2015Chandra KatakeyjjjjjMangalore United XI 7,96225,000 
14-07-2015Rajivalochana JogiyaniMangalore United XIMangalore United XI 8,06820,000 
14-07-2015Mbonisi JemahlMangalore United XINAVIN Super Heros 11,498510,000 
14-07-2015Yuyutsu PayankanMangalore United XIMangalore United XI 5,97720,000 
14-07-2015Yunus QadirMangalore United XIMangalore United XI 10,28850,000 
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