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Transfer History

Players bought: 72
Players sold: 78
Total purchases: Rs 430,411,600
Total sales: Rs 231,061,720
Displaying 61-80 of 140 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
12-11-2015Binoya SarmaMangalore United XIManoharab11 17,5561,060,400 
11-11-2015Kashinath MishraMangalore United XIMangalore United XI 18,2083,122,500 
11-11-2015Amal HarshaMangalore United XIMicKey MouSe 18,0812,040,000 
10-11-2015Binoya SarmaDpk's Warriors XIMangalore United XI 17,556510,900 
09-11-2015Amal HarshaMangalore United XIMangalore United XI 18,0813,122,500 
08-11-2015Baadri BalasubramaniyanKarthik WarriorsMangalore United XI 24,4775,631,100 
07-11-2015Tofeeq FasihuddinMangalore United XIDeactivated team 23,1621,552,600 
05-11-2015Amal HarshaCenturian XIIMangalore United XI 18,0811,428,000 
05-11-2015Tofeeq FasihuddinThe Gaurav TeamMangalore United XI 23,1621,000,000 
02-11-2015Evan GlynnMangalore United XIDeactivated team 48,5023,872,100 
02-11-2015Manoj ReddyMangalore United XIStar Friends Mangalore 26,9541,623,800 
31-10-2015James AllenWadeMangalore United XI 20,8254,374,200 
30-10-2015Evan GlynnRR THE BESTMangalore United XI 48,5021,723,300 
17-10-2015Edwin CaronMambalam StarsMangalore United XI 22,7941,061,300 
16-10-2015Binoya KumarMangalore United XIShayaan 11 16,5041,000,000 
14-10-2015Binoya Kumarshrav an XIMangalore United XI 16,504102,000 
14-10-2015Mahmood QadirMangalore United XIDeactivated team 17,5841,110,100 
12-10-2015Mahmood QadirDeactivated teamMangalore United XI 17,584500,000 
10-10-2015Firdoze ButtMangalore United XIindian legend 15,4662,500,000 
08-10-2015Firdoze ButtMangalore United XIMangalore United XI 14,5843,060,000 
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