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Transfer History

Players bought: 35
Players sold: 35
Total purchases: Rs 1,145,091,800
Total sales: Rs 946,319,534
Displaying 61-70 of 70 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
16-01-2020Alfred ByrneThe Lord of T and WAanand Amazers 13,9371,240,000 
16-01-2020Asanka MendisRD XI 6202Aanand Amazers 12,8161,020,000 
16-01-2020Sultana AhmedAkhil XI ClubAanand Amazers 24,5334,210,000 
16-01-2020Iloveyou PragatiAlton XIAanand Amazers 132,273101,599,600 
15-01-2020Shashi DarbhaSritam StunnersAanand Amazers 12,2991,277,900 
12-01-2020Ivan DarvallRISHAV KING 732Aanand Amazers 17,4552,010,000 
12-01-2020Sachin JatharRISHAV KING 732Aanand Amazers 14,4462,100,000 
12-01-2020Matthew SlaterRISHAV KING 732Aanand Amazers 88,7165,265,600 
12-01-2020Hardik PandiyaMumbai 4654Aanand Amazers 29,8453,831,600 
12-01-2020Thomas WadeRawalpindi Lions 6653Aanand Amazers 1,19610,000 
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