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Transfer History

Players bought: 118
Players sold: 116
Total purchases: Rs 639,559,069
Total sales: Rs 645,195,908
Displaying 1-20 of 232 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
15-09-2021Farris AstonOnly Kings Dreamerskerala blasters 1695 93,5345,420,800 
14-09-2021Binesh GhoshNaresh Legends 8085Only Kings Dreamers 57,53222,010,000 
14-09-2021Parthav NarayanNaresh Legends 8085Only Kings Dreamers 68,8524,715,200 
12-09-2021Amod SaxenaNaresh Legends 8085Only Kings Dreamers 31,6054,010,000 
12-09-2021Balkumar RanaOnly Kings DreamersLower Machines 26,4064,570,000 
18-08-2021Chinmay SaxenaOnly Kings Dreamerspandini 30,6283,692,000 
14-08-2021Heet BhatnagarOnly Kings DreamersBajrang Kings 48,16812,218,000 
07-08-2021Heet BhatnagarOnly Kings DreamersOnly Kings Dreamers 48,1689,225,300 
30-07-2021Vuyisile MankunziniOnly Kings DreamersKr Quids 16,5661,265,000 
30-07-2021Suresh JainOnly Kings DreamersKr Quids 75,1366,775,000 
30-07-2021Abhinav JainKr QuidsOnly Kings Dreamers 49,66737,845,000 
29-07-2021Balkumar RanaKr QuidsOnly Kings Dreamers 25,4317,614,300 
28-07-2021Abhinay HalemaniKing Raiders 2904Only Kings Dreamers 14,8122,510,000 
28-07-2021Anirudh MadireddyKing Raiders 2904Only Kings Dreamers 13,5731,930,000 
28-07-2021Balachandrav MathKing Raiders 2904Only Kings Dreamers 33,56210,230,000 
28-07-2021Abhitesh ChandwaniKing Raiders 2904Only Kings Dreamers 46,3379,920,000 
28-07-2021Farris AstonKing Raiders 2904Only Kings Dreamers 110,21715,624,000 
28-07-2021Ranjitkumar ChakrabortyOnly Kings DreamersLower Machines 52,6406,430,000 
28-07-2021Karamjot DuttOnly Kings DreamersLower Machines 48,89323,360,000 
28-07-2021Naaveen SahooOnly Kings DreamersLower Machines 89,32720,412,000 
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