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Transfer History

Players bought: 29
Players sold: -
Total purchases: Rs 29,976,500
Total sales: -
Displaying 21-29 of 29 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
23-04-2019Vidur EzhuthachanThe DreamChennai superkings petta 20,958534,400 
21-04-2019Bryan BaineyWinterfell GaintsChennai superkings petta 17,909600,000 
21-04-2019Eddie MillerStunGunnChennai superkings petta 11,6951,980,000 
13-04-2019Edmund MorrisJoyChennai superkings petta 16,9172,520,000 
12-04-2019Satbachan DhindsaDeactivated teamChennai superkings petta 4,9731,239,400 
08-04-2019Vimal MudumNishamaniChennai superkings petta 4,6203,911,200 
05-04-2019Ajay GunasekaranDEE VIRAT VEERANSChennai superkings petta 9,1652,000,000 
04-04-2019Mudit GorawarRohan DynamitesChennai superkings petta 2,05532,900 
04-04-2019Fanibhusan SavapanditPunjabi SnakesChennai superkings petta 5,2591,125,600 
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