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Transfer History

Players bought: 153
Players sold: 181
Total purchases: Rs 391,627,942
Total sales: Rs 309,930,963
Displaying 181-200 of 334 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
27-11-2015Arthur WestSTALWARTS DE CHENNAITeam Xtreme 16,614500,000 
27-11-2015Alister Tomarivu warriorsSTALWARTS DE CHENNAI 17,2511,111,111 
24-11-2015Carlin JoyceEnter team nameSTALWARTS DE CHENNAI 27,8874,314,900 
16-11-2015Thandiwe DanielVinay's ChampSTALWARTS DE CHENNAI 18,5501,000,000 
08-11-2015Chetan TrivediStar Cricket ElevenSTALWARTS DE CHENNAI 28,6807,924,000 
08-11-2015Tony GreigRichie BearSTALWARTS DE CHENNAI 14,2811,500,000 
30-10-2015Joshua LauraSTALWARTS DE CHENNAIDewgun XI 24,8611,500,000 
30-10-2015Stephen BaptistSTALWARTS DE CHENNAIShuja Cricket Club 21,6341,000,000 
26-10-2015Farooq GujjarTushar's XI ChampsSTALWARTS DE CHENNAI 22,7622,000,000 
23-10-2015Joshua LauraVan'sSTALWARTS DE CHENNAI 24,8612,000,000 
20-10-2015Saurabh VaduganathanSTALWARTS DE CHENNAIpink panthers club 15,8923,065,300 
20-10-2015Salman ZahidSTALWARTS DE CHENNAIAssassin's Force 19,2952,000,000 
20-10-2015Teerth NambeesanSTALWARTS DE CHENNAIROYAL FIGHTERS XI 12,02510,000 
20-10-2015Abhishek KumarSTALWARTS DE CHENNAIRajesh maximers 13,838350,000 
20-10-2015Ajit Singh jnrSTALWARTS DE CHENNAIDeactivated team 14,784100,000 
14-10-2015Sanjeewa NishadSTALWARTS DE CHENNAIAddicters 24,0621,892,300 
14-10-2015Victor KearneySTALWARTS DE CHENNAIkolkata's king 24,710828,300 
14-10-2015Joseph PayneFurious FalconsSTALWARTS DE CHENNAI 21,8102,500,000 
13-10-2015Stephen BaptistTEAM INDIA1STALWARTS DE CHENNAI 21,634520,200 
12-10-2015Ajit Singh jnrprodigy of havocSTALWARTS DE CHENNAI 14,78410,000 
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