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Transfer History

Players bought: 201
Players sold: 248
Total purchases: Rs 2,180,543,065
Total sales: Rs 2,199,342,178
Displaying 121-140 of 449 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
07-04-2017Preet DhillonCk 11Warriors of Asguard 59,06511,533,200 
07-04-2017Abbey HaydenWarriors of AsguardGhost Riders XI 60,07321,420,000 
22-03-2017Mahmood WazirWarriors of AsguardDelhi Killer Frost 19,5923,121,200 
18-03-2017Andrew BurgessWarriors of AsguardMariners High 5 69,60116,979,400 
16-03-2017Virat SinghDadabadmash DentorsWarriors of Asguard 56,41812,635,700 
15-03-2017Kopano ElgarMCC WariousWarriors of Asguard 48,07411,220,000 
15-03-2017Denis GreenThe Challengers CCWarriors of Asguard 42,61618,401,500 
14-03-2017Unni GuruWarriors of AsguardNyemkhan Neros 47,95219,894,400 
23-02-2017Abhishek RajahWarriors of AsguardMumbai Indians 9117 16,8553,312,400 
10-02-2017Andy KeaneSuyash SmashersWarriors of Asguard 51,80112,750,000 
08-02-2017Zane DarrellWarriors of Asguardsb boosters 38,3887,000,000 
05-02-2017Adhiraj SaxenaSoldiers XI ClubWarriors of Asguard 40,6047,500,000 
03-02-2017Dilip GoelWarriors of AsguardPALNADU CRICKET CLUB 44,46915,300,000 
02-02-2017Chris AaronWarriors of AsguardWarriors of Galaxy 24,3224,800,000 
30-01-2017Sam MoodyThe Demolition TeamWarriors of Asguard 26,1263,170,000 
23-01-2017Unni GuruPravo XIWarriors of Asguard 46,65218,000,000 
16-01-2017Justin ThorpeWarriors of AsguardMohsin Manvi 97,09811,500,000 
03-01-2017Fani SheikhWarriors of AsguardMangalore Royals 9857 33,5308,323,200 
31-12-2016Dimbeswar KonwarTerribleLosersWarriors of Asguard 41,71915,000,000 
28-12-2016Tony HannahWarriors of AsguardExim Rockers 60,87415,300,000 
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