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Transfer History

Players bought: 201
Players sold: 250
Total purchases: Rs 2,180,543,065
Total sales: Rs 2,294,342,178
Displaying 101-120 of 451 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
03-08-2017John BagotPhilip HughesWarriors of Asguard 30,8134,080,000 
01-08-2017Gorden CoombsWarriors of AsguardFIREHAUKS BELGAUM 61,77618,360,000 
20-07-2017Runmachine KohliSmashing StrikerzWarriors of Asguard 36,57016,320,000 
20-07-2017Andy KeaneWarriors of AsguardTelugu Velugu 63,32315,154,200 
15-07-2017Manidhar SinghDeactivated teamWarriors of Asguard 36,55710,200,000 
15-07-2017Russell WadeQuetta smashersWarriors of Asguard 62,51524,798,700 
14-07-2017Faisal KhanWarriors of AsguardAiravata Phoenix 77,08030,000,000 
03-07-2017Winston OramBlack Knights XIWarriors of Asguard 60,53620,400,000 
30-06-2017Kopano ElgarWarriors of AsguardNaik Smashers 50,69312,000,000 
26-06-2017Kelvin Smithjoy 11Warriors of Asguard 40,29410,825,000 
20-06-2017Waseem UsmanDream Warriors ClubWarriors of Asguard 28,67713,770,000 
20-06-2017Adhiraj SaxenaWarriors of AsguardAll Stars KSK 42,0699,919,700 
20-06-2017Rajitha SamanWarriors of AsguardFerrets 114,62313,770,000 
12-06-2017Shoiab MiandadWarriors of AsguardPraveenchinnu skk Powerbombs 16,1062,016,400 
02-06-2017Gorden CoombsOrion XIWarriors of Asguard 56,94614,404,200 
27-05-2017Virat SinghWarriors of AsguardRoyals Club 60,78811,444,400 
21-05-2017Ramesh GurjarAJAY SMASHERSWarriors of Asguard 41,93520,141,800 
17-05-2017Preet DhillonWarriors of AsguardTarun XII 60,01312,750,000 
22-04-2017Sam MoodyWarriors of AsguardGujjarbabes Knight Riders 27,4765,610,000 
18-04-2017Swarup NarwatWest End RedbacksWarriors of Asguard 54,39117,996,900 
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