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Transfer History

Players bought: 196
Players sold: 244
Total purchases: Rs 1,981,625,165
Total sales: Rs 2,057,816,978
Displaying 41-60 of 440 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
23-11-2018Denis GreenWarriors of AsguardThe Lunatix 68,32815,000,000 
30-10-2018Ahendra ChiangthirRobin panthersWarriors of Asguard 55,4378,980,000 
17-09-2018Vivian HutchinsonWarriors of AsguardThe Lunatix 103,51019,100,000 
16-09-2018Nishchal MazumdarResilient X1Warriors of Asguard 93,67124,096,800 
27-08-2018Winston OramWarriors of AsguardThe Lunatix 82,19517,500,000 
25-08-2018Manjot ChauhanDebaprakash DreamersWarriors of Asguard 84,94621,310,000 
09-07-2018Sachin AcharyaWarriors of AsguardThe Lunatix 63,6197,000,000 
20-06-2018Umang PadarthiShyam Super StarsWarriors of Asguard 42,11610,000,000 
29-05-2018Mrugesh GuptaWarriors of AsguardMystery Champs 64,5456,000,000 
03-04-2018Stanley JarvisAteeb's AcersWarriors of Asguard 42,91012,530,000 
02-04-2018Manidhar SinghWarriors of AsguardKings XI Vasu 49,42312,875,000 
21-03-2018Gangaadhar AnureddyAjaydalalkumbha XIWarriors of Asguard 68,84920,331,400 
20-03-2018Mayang KamarapuWarriors of AsguardGhosts 5543 36,6083,605,000 
20-03-2018Zafar NooraniWarriors of AsguardShrikant Super King's 20,9703,437,100 
20-03-2018Mahmood SamiWarriors of AsguardScotch Whisky 24,2782,010,700 
19-03-2018Zulqarnain RehanWarriors of AsguardRoyal Kings 4584 20,0082,283,600 
16-03-2018Eesvar BarlapudiWarriors of AsguardPunjab Eagles 43,1833,605,000 
09-03-2018Iqbal HussainVinod Virtuals 3783Warriors of Asguard 42,41519,410,000 
08-03-2018Tanuj SinghWarriors of AsguardBrain of pitches 97,10328,705,300 
05-03-2018Dave Brownashley strikersWarriors of Asguard 47,06226,299,800 
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