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Transfer History

Players bought: 202
Players sold: 250
Total purchases: Rs 2,275,787,465
Total sales: Rs 2,294,342,178
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DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
16-01-2014Harshal FernandesWarriors of AsguardDeactivated team 1,957352,400 
11-01-2014Srinivass SrinivasanWarriors of AsguardDeactivated team 1,058104,100 
04-01-2014Mahdy KhandelwalDeactivated teamWarriors of Asguard 1,487132,600 
04-01-2014Gobardhan BhattacharjeeDeactivated teamWarriors of Asguard 1,29710,000 
03-01-2014Faiz RafikWarriors of AsguardDeactivated team 3,798666,777 
22-12-2013Sanjay AcharyaDeactivated teamWarriors of Asguard 2,777300,000 
22-12-2013Abhiraj AkkurWarriors of AsguardDeactivated team 1,419380,000 
22-12-2013Arnav AmbalakararWarriors of AsguardDeactivated team 1,117130,000 
22-12-2013Balu ThondaimanWarriors of AsguardDeactivated team 90160,000 
05-12-2013Sunil NimkarAltaf warriorsWarriors of Asguard 2,638408,000 
05-12-2013Sarfaraz MohammadDeactivated teamWarriors of Asguard 3,761250,000 
03-12-2013Faiz RafikVaishum 11Warriors of Asguard 5,258600,000