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Transfer History

Players bought: 195
Players sold: 240
Total purchases: Rs 1,910,237,165
Total sales: Rs 1,919,816,978
Displaying 1-20 of 435 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
21-01-2020Yash GuptaJayesh IcebreakersWarriors of Asguard 49,93434,590,000 
21-01-2020Satyendra AgarwalHIT CHAMPSWarriors of Asguard 49,05915,008,800 
19-01-2020Rahman HussainWarriors of AsguardHarsh Fighters 145,42425,000,000 
19-01-2020Gangaadhar AnureddyWarriors of AsguardThe Masters of 619 246,45762,000,000 
19-01-2020Michael BrownJammy Jolts 9539Warriors of Asguard 121,92859,134,400 
18-01-2020Stanley JarvisWarriors of AsguardTeam Xtreme 77,89910,000,000 
28-12-2019Chandravadan DoubulWarriors of AsguardChennaiSuperKings XI 99,28781,149,300 
27-12-2019Akhilesh ChandranWarriors of AsguardShadow 11 44,97232,042,400 
27-12-2019Ramesh GhoshJaat Rival'sWarriors of Asguard 38,64025,000,000 
26-12-2019Kabir SheikhDARSHAN X3 LIFELINEWarriors of Asguard 94,88732,427,200 
26-12-2019Nelson LaurantusBawadi PoonchhWarriors of Asguard 59,38837,356,800 
13-11-2019Boris ChattergoonMaitree XIWarriors of Asguard 76,32134,384,400 
06-11-2019Akshit HegdeWarriors of AsguardKerala Strikers 1 135,28832,360,000 
26-10-2019Hamid FazalSwapsXIWarriors of Asguard 62,79413,906,000 
17-10-2019Akhilesh ChandranChaos knighTWarriors of Asguard 35,32824,429,600 
17-10-2019Sagar BhogleWarriors of AsguardThe Masters of 619 137,20335,000,000 
29-09-2019Gloria KnibbsNepali NebulaWarriors of Asguard 36,75312,900,000 
10-09-2019Sachin PushkarWarriors of AsguardThe Lunatix 97,09321,319,200 
28-07-2019Chandravadan DoubulROYAL ENGLANDWarriors of Asguard 49,90730,900,000 
13-07-2019Courtenay DoreReegan Tamil NaduWarriors of Asguard 49,8708,579,200 
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