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Transfer History

Players bought: 20
Players sold: 9
Total purchases: Rs 87,726,900
Total sales: Rs 6,865,800
Displaying 21-29 of 29 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
26-02-2019Laurence BaddeleySuper Chargers 11Arnabi Avengers 14,297980,000 
26-02-2019Gangaraaju PanugantiSuper Chargers 11Arnabi Avengers 11,645990,000 
26-02-2019Mihir JawalkarSuper Chargers 11Arnabi Avengers 14,3011,256,800 
25-02-2019Budrata JoshiRasoolpur 11Arnabi Avengers 11,9721,240,000 
25-02-2019Tarun KumarThe Only OneArnabi Avengers 11,841980,000 
25-02-2019Kailash KhandelwalThe Only OneArnabi Avengers 12,246990,000 
25-02-2019Waheed QasimAnandrvyasArnabi Avengers 16,3811,040,000 
25-02-2019Fergal Davyindian rockstarArnabi Avengers 12,430850,000 
25-02-2019Elham AkbariThe King Of KhagariaArnabi Avengers 16,5401,320,000 
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