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Transfer History

Players bought: 29
Players sold: 48
Total purchases: Rs 110,761,700
Total sales: Rs 287,780,301
Displaying 61-77 of 77 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
09-04-2014Naveen RajaKK Thundering TigersKANYAKUMARI XI 7,1971,000,000 
06-04-2014Jayaprakash SharmaKK Thundering TigersCAPE COMORIN XI 8,770400,000 
04-04-2014Dermot PakeKK Thundering TigersDeactivated team 8,35010,000 
01-04-2014Jason ParkinsonKK Thundering TigersThe Decepticons 7,28794,900 
28-03-2014Abhay GoyalKK Thundering TigersFire Tornado 9,450102,000 
23-03-2014Din KhorasaniBRATZKK Thundering Tigers 17,641915,800 
19-03-2014Jayaprakash SharmaDeactivated teamKK Thundering Tigers 3,876424,600 
18-03-2014Pratik KhandelwalKK Thundering TigersKings XI Assam 9,865500,001 
17-03-2014Hussain FasihuddinKK Thundering Tigers8 wonders 7,460371,500 
16-03-2014Dasarad MalladiWinterspellKK Thundering Tigers 2,126612,000 
07-03-2014Hussain FasihuddinBASHERS XIKK Thundering Tigers 7,518146,900 
07-03-2014Pratik KhandelwalConduitsKK Thundering Tigers 10,033250,700 
04-03-2014Rahul ReddiKK Thundering TigersDeactivated team 2,740200,000 
12-02-2014Sachin GounderKK Thundering TigersDeactivated team 1,069135,300 
04-02-2014Dandupally VellalarKK Thundering TigersDeactivated team 80640,000 
01-02-2014Pratik RowtherKK Thundering TigersDanhaya Rockstars 63610,000 
30-01-2014Abhay GoyalDeactivated teamKK Thundering Tigers 2,102104,100 
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