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Transfer History

Players bought: 29
Players sold: 48
Total purchases: Rs 110,761,700
Total sales: Rs 287,780,301
Displaying 41-60 of 77 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
24-08-2014Milan PereraSbp cricketKK Thundering Tigers 51,0364,300,000 
18-08-2014Rajesh PasalaPremKK Thundering Tigers 16,2403,121,200 
17-08-2014Din KhorasaniKK Thundering Tigersseabirds 18,056500,000 
14-08-2014Paras BhadraThe UnpredictablesKK Thundering Tigers 41,7581,689,500 
14-07-2014Devind LokuarachchiKK Thundering TigersFierce Fighter 15,448200,000 
11-07-2014Andy MoutonJuSt ArRiVeDKK Thundering Tigers 13,506866,100 
10-07-2014Acanda JainKK Thundering Tigersseabirds 5,228153,000 
24-06-2014Vinod GujralKK Thundering TigersCAPE COMORIN XI 18,921914,000 
23-06-2014Sanchay KhandelwalMADRAS'KK Thundering Tigers 21,5832,000,000 
21-06-2014Abhishek KapoorLaksh WarriorsKK Thundering Tigers 2,74010,000 
16-06-2014Malcolm PerryKK Thundering Tigersseabirds 17,440302,000 
12-06-2014Madhup MongiaKK Thundering TigersCAPE COMORIN XI 7,231200,000 
27-05-2014Vijay UnnithanKK Thundering Tigersseabirds 21,8902,312,800 
24-05-2014Sherwin NeversonJatesh KingsKK Thundering Tigers 16,7172,639,300 
24-05-2014Chandrakumar RenthleiKURTS XIKK Thundering Tigers 2,09710,000 
22-05-2014Unni SekharanKK Thundering Tigerskarur riders 11,52151,000 
19-05-2014Vinod GujralBoKaRo MaVeRiCkSKK Thundering Tigers 18,353643,300 
06-05-2014Saeed MiandadKK Thundering Tigersseabirds 13,301900,000 
28-04-2014Om PatwardhanKK Thundering TigersCAPE COMORIN XI 7,535600,000 
17-04-2014Suhas BajajKK Thundering TigersDevil Cardinals 9,119636,800 
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