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Transfer History

Players bought: 29
Players sold: 25
Total purchases: Rs 34,691,840
Total sales: Rs 17,878,628
Displaying 41-53 of 53 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
04-03-2019Francis ReinholdDeactivated teamD Controllers 25,1571,220,000 
04-03-2019Daiwik KumarMAHI'S MUSTANGSD Controllers 43,8211,554,900 
04-03-2019Iman Majidkarachi king D K x11D Controllers 9,09999,000 
04-03-2019Agantuk ThakurShadab TigersD Controllers 26,9901,535,200 
28-02-2019Chandrakumar BhagwatiD ControllersRaidon Dragons 1,19610,000 
28-02-2019Sourav BhattacharjeeD ControllersMonsterous Sixers 1,63811,100 
28-02-2019Bilal HaqueD ControllersPentre Fc 1,50410,000 
28-02-2019Apurv SanghaviD ControllersPunjab Renegades 1,79930,000 
24-02-2019Shane BaconVishnu PlayD Controllers 13,3353,130,200 
22-02-2019Satyajeet TrivediD ControllersGladiators With The Bat 1,00412,700 
20-02-2019Sanjan VermaVvv 4298D Controllers 4,973244,100 
17-02-2019Taha DhingraSenthil MonstersD Controllers 2,44320,000 
17-02-2019Ayub MazariKoomapatti Silent KilersD Controllers 2,67841,200 
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