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Transfer History

Players bought: 29
Players sold: 25
Total purchases: Rs 34,691,840
Total sales: Rs 17,878,628
Displaying 21-40 of 53 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
30-03-2019Nishikant SriwastavaRoyal Rajasthan 1937D Controllers 27,262820,800 
27-03-2019Chandrick RamanayakeEastern LionsD Controllers 49,3081,317,600 
27-03-2019Clement WaterreusIndominus RegemD Controllers 33,8591,836,000 
27-03-2019Shivesh DattaD ControllersShashwat Lakhnavi 24,0021,187,200 
23-03-2019Kshitiz HosurJaypatel XID Controllers 28,5201,100,000 
23-03-2019Anuj GoyalD ControllersTheft Killers 25,6091,560,000 
19-03-2019Danish MalikZeeshu super kingD Controllers 28,776831,600 
17-03-2019Uttamveer GuptaD ControllersStar Lord's 8,109263,000 
17-03-2019Suraj PatilD ControllersVilas King 18,954364,000 
17-03-2019Dhanuka JanakaSiva King 4182D Controllers 9,873159,200 
16-03-2019Ghani BayatD ControllersDhoni's Army 10,6131,250,000 
16-03-2019Iman MajidD ControllersDevendra XI 5643 8,43031,200 
14-03-2019Shivesh DattaANDHRA WARRIORS 1386D Controllers 24,6361,500,000 
14-03-2019Rodger CaringtonHasta la vista babyD Controllers 28,820500,000 
13-03-2019Michael SmithspinzerD Controllers 30,6992,180,000 
13-03-2019Iresha DhammikaEastern LionsD Controllers 16,081500,000 
09-03-2019Suraj PatilThe Supernovas 7530D Controllers 19,357500,000 
06-03-2019Anuj GoyalJai Jai GarviD Controllers 25,609740,000 
04-03-2019Mthunz HayesSazid GfD Controllers 32,1783,952,000 
04-03-2019Nabeen BhardwajBabul D TD Controllers 28,778922,900 
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