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Transfer History

Players bought: 105
Players sold: 111
Total purchases: Rs 1,247,348,122
Total sales: Rs 1,200,744,364
Displaying 1-20 of 216 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
07-05-2020Dev ChiromSuperKingzThe Challengers CC 16,3948,270,900 
03-05-2020Lindsay WarrenSonu and hiteshThe Challengers CC 150,57522,893,000 
03-04-2020Abhishek PudaiteRISING MONSTERSThe Challengers CC 109,52528,705,300 
30-03-2020Kyan HusbandsThe Challengers CCVenkat Starkzz 78,88535,420,000 
24-03-2020Zeeshan ElahiLahore Qalandars 4704The Challengers CC 1,79710,000 
24-03-2020Yasir BashirLahore Qalandars 4704The Challengers CC 2,30720,000 
24-03-2020Shulabh ValiathanLahore Qalandars 4704The Challengers CC 1,00410,000 
24-03-2020Umar BarrRj IcebreakersThe Challengers CC 2,602120,000 
24-03-2020Abhisht BalaChandraHarsh 's XI StarsThe Challengers CC 2,21630,000 
24-03-2020Peter SchawHarsh 's XI StarsThe Challengers CC 10,40140,000 
24-03-2020Amit HariharanCsk 7692The Challengers CC 3,05760,000 
24-03-2020Pranab AcharyaCsk 7692The Challengers CC 2,99160,000 
19-03-2020Fawad SimoiuHyd WarriorsThe Challengers CC 105,03214,860,800 
12-03-2020Kirtikumar HeggadeThe Challengers CCPitch Rockers 9650 65,2385,959,200 
06-03-2020Nidip NatarajanDivision BellThe Challengers CC 46,59830,980,000 
03-12-2018Brendan WatsonThe Challengers CCFazal Flingers 14,8301,820,000 
02-09-2018Arfath ToubzudThe Challengers CCSandare 186,66548,105,200 
01-09-2018Nitin KelyaJoems thunderboltsThe Challengers CC 142,20758,177,600 
27-06-2018Brendan WatsonSaikat SledgersThe Challengers CC 10,9036,121,600 
09-04-2018Shishir GoyalPitch PandasThe Challengers CC 24,8043,440,000 
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