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Transfer History

Players bought: 28
Players sold: 26
Total purchases: Rs 38,406,900
Total sales: Rs 14,667,600
Displaying 41-54 of 54 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
22-07-2019Rakhshan DumcombeDeactivated teamNickson Devils 1,50415,500 
22-07-2019Gannon SinghDurham KnightsNickson Devils 1,77221,300 
22-07-2019Freddie BryanDurham KnightsNickson Devils 2,05520,000 
22-07-2019Sailesh MyneniDurham KnightsNickson Devils 2,77860,000 
22-07-2019Dharmaaalingam SuramDILIGHIT COOLNickson Devils 1,77230,000 
22-07-2019Debabrata AggarwalHyderabad Tiger 6205Nickson Devils 14,774280,000 
22-07-2019Surendar AsuriHyderabad Tiger 6205Nickson Devils 17,605330,000 
21-07-2019Chittaranjan AggarwalDeactivated teamNickson Devils 3,726230,500 
21-07-2019Homaleni ChingwaraNickson DevilsKurdunje Knight Riders 1,63810,000 
21-07-2019Shaun LeviNickson DevilsAizawl Urbans 7196 2,77850,000 
21-07-2019Zulu TaibuNickson DevilsKurdunje Knight Riders 1,19610,000 
20-07-2019Zulu DavisNickson DevilsHema Hitters 2,05530,000 
20-07-2019Vasant PaulosePintu KeypunchersNickson Devils 1,77210,000 
20-07-2019Saurav GoyalSizan King Of Kings 5593Nickson Devils 1,19610,000 
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