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Transfer History

Players bought: 13
Players sold: 11
Total purchases: Rs 125,855,500
Total sales: Rs 10,818,400
Displaying 1-20 of 24 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
25-01-2021Shaan BhattacharyaLakkhi S LegendsTHE ELEVEN STAR CLUB 177,09225,830,000 
21-11-2020Neelkanta JoshiVirat Kohli ChallengersTHE ELEVEN STAR CLUB 235,24342,822,000 
21-04-2020Sontosh MaliTHE ELEVEN STAR CLUBHURRICANE'S ARMY 31,5254,700,000 
18-04-2020Nadeem SheikhSameer SuperkingTHE ELEVEN STAR CLUB 93,7488,966,800 
17-04-2020William WattTHE ELEVEN STAR CLUBThe Cridators Fc 35,8291,880,000 
17-04-2020Aman TikekarTHE ELEVEN STAR CLUBThe Cridators Fc 14,149133,500 
02-03-2020Zahid MehdiTHE ELEVEN STAR CLUBThalapathy 2557 43,9242,703,300 
02-03-2020Matt DicaprioTHE ELEVEN STAR CLUBQuestion Mark 2816 40,111289,300 
28-02-2020Praveen SaxenaPaththampitiya DreamersTHE ELEVEN STAR CLUB 64,69316,154,500 
09-11-2019William WattSameer SuperkingTHE ELEVEN STAR CLUB 64,6743,850,000 
02-07-2019Som Nath ChakrabortiTHE ELEVEN STAR CLUBappu fans 15,8681,030,000 
01-07-2019Zahid MehdiSajjad Cricket ClubTHE ELEVEN STAR CLUB 93,0277,956,800 
23-04-2019Matt DicaprioSilent KilersTHE ELEVEN STAR CLUB 74,1665,069,500 
07-03-2019Aman TikekarSameer SuperkingTHE ELEVEN STAR CLUB 61,2454,418,700 
03-03-2019Munish ShrivastavTHE ELEVEN STAR CLUBShadow Warriors 8759 1,63810,000 
01-03-2019Gitashri RevenkarSameer SuperkingTHE ELEVEN STAR CLUB 43,5944,336,800 
01-03-2019Nikhil MehtaTHE ELEVEN STAR CLUBReal Heros 8929 2,05520,600 
01-03-2019Jagroop SainiTHE ELEVEN STAR CLUBTikujambo Cricket 2,03020,000 
28-02-2019Carrick OkeefeSameer SuperkingTHE ELEVEN STAR CLUB 11,9012,000,000 
26-02-2019Udham RallabhandiSameer SuperkingTHE ELEVEN STAR CLUB 14,9442,170,000 
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