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Transfer History

Players bought: 96
Players sold: 119
Total purchases: Rs 737,066,330
Total sales: Rs 1,094,783,900
Displaying 1-20 of 215 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
06-09-2020Ian WoodwardKhan XplicitsStreet Cricketers XI 25,6083,540,000 
31-05-2019Yatharth RanaPALNADU FIGHTERSStreet Cricketers XI 33,93532,619,700 
31-05-2019Peleg VincentEagle CageStreet Cricketers XI 244,64398,272,500 
24-08-2018Casey DunlopStreet Cricketers XIGalaxy Ravagers 237,01084,413,300 
24-08-2018Jack KingsburyStreet Cricketers XIRed Streak 56,79321,483,900 
08-08-2018Khalid ChannaStreet Cricketers XIONE TEAM ONE DREAM 136,67581,078,400 
08-08-2018Suniil NarineStreet Cricketers XIONE TEAM ONE DREAM 194,259113,703,200 
08-08-2018Raviichandran AshwinStreet Cricketers XIONE TEAM ONE DREAM 160,555105,185,600 
08-08-2018Ben JoyceCharlie DashersStreet Cricketers XI 6,124230,000 
08-08-2018Bipin KotokiNile RocketsStreet Cricketers XI 1,12710,000 
03-08-2018Akshat GondhalekarStreet Cricketers XIhardy boyz 243,60350,000,000 
27-07-2018Rick FaulknerStreet Cricketers XIThe Makeweights 186,37089,250,000 
24-07-2018Prateek KohliMumbai WulfsStreet Cricketers XI 6,567100,000 
24-07-2018Fanibhusan PhukanMumbai WulfsStreet Cricketers XI 9,662250,000 
19-05-2018Dulal KakotiStreet Cricketers XIbhubaneswar braves 205,89640,000,000 
02-05-2018Anura AruniBalls of FIRESStreet Cricketers XI 148,20232,292,000 
01-05-2018Mb YugeswarStreet Cricketers XIyugeswar super lX 65,4947,992,000 
27-04-2018Steve StarcWARLOCKSStreet Cricketers XI 129,80831,331,200 
23-02-2018Rukman ErangaStreet Cricketers XIKings 11 Punjab 141 69,19310,438,600 
21-02-2018Khalid ChannaDead Men AliveStreet Cricketers XI 38,8677,182,300 
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