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Transfer History

Players bought: 22
Players sold: 3
Total purchases: Rs 52,411,400
Total sales: Rs 2,796,708
Displaying 1-20 of 25 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
05-02-2020Hariom PatniThe Hounds of Justicelasyareddy 12,857735,000 
20-01-2020Steve SiddleUltra Crushers 1999The Hounds of Justice 69,23321,530,000 
22-02-2019Vasistha BhatnagarNathan XI 3125The Hounds of Justice 35,2641,633,800 
05-02-2019Paras KhadkaThe Hounds of JusticePerth Nerds 7191 37,9911,275,008 
01-02-2019Ian StratzSaritha BlastersThe Hounds of Justice 31,3441,100,800 
01-02-2019Lakmini ChannaThe Hounds of JusticeShanu Ultimates 20,258786,700 
28-01-2019Sundarjeet DhariwalROWDIES OF NAGERCOILThe Hounds of Justice 33,0831,660,000 
28-01-2019Zafar NizamaniRaghav TigersThe Hounds of Justice 17,4771,780,000 
30-11-2018Paras KhadkaMonkey ShouldersThe Hounds of Justice 37,9911,500,000 
30-11-2018Mohammad RabbaniPunters 8405The Hounds of Justice 14,0881,555,300 
19-11-2018Andrew OneillJassi JokersThe Hounds of Justice 14,6141,590,000 
19-11-2018Scott MahometDeadly Warriors 9358The Hounds of Justice 18,0361,320,800 
19-11-2018Lakmini ChannaAvengers 3509The Hounds of Justice 27,8541,116,400 
19-11-2018Laurence KleinveldtAjay Alliances 9231The Hounds of Justice 14,1661,090,000 
19-11-2018Gordon KlusenerRoyal ElevensThe Hounds of Justice 47,0501,777,300 
17-11-2018Peter LamontRomeo RockerzThe Hounds of Justice 16,7331,650,000 
17-11-2018Bhavabhooti AacharMadurai AxesThe Hounds of Justice 12,3552,039,400 
17-11-2018Hariom PatniRen AntsThe Hounds of Justice 12,8571,750,000 
17-11-2018Magh LalwaniPowerTrackerThe Hounds of Justice 17,2711,110,000 
17-11-2018Vajresh SamalRavenz Gang 9390The Hounds of Justice 24,2491,400,800 
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