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Transfer History

Players bought: 133
Players sold: 153
Total purchases: Rs 443,458,963
Total sales: Rs 170,494,553
Displaying 281-286 of 286 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
24-06-2015Jayesh AthwaleMumbai Knight RidersGuts N' Glory 13,500416,200 
09-04-2015Nalluri GarimellaSilver SurfersGuts N' Glory 17,118200,000 
06-04-2015Crispin ColemanFuture KnightsGuts N' Glory 12,634408,000 
06-04-2015Alaaudeen BelladNotebook celebrationGuts N' Glory 10,858530,700 
31-03-2015Inzamam HussainDeactivated teamGuts N' Glory 4,277200,000 
31-03-2015Shakoor KhaqanBALL BURNERSGuts N' Glory 12,020400,000 
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