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Transfer History

Players bought: 35
Players sold: 63
Total purchases: Rs 210,922,300
Total sales: Rs 123,038,300
Displaying 61-80 of 97 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
17-10-2013Sachin VallavaraiyarDeactivated teammohan XI 10,2391,436,200 
14-10-2013Dinesh Pittumohan XIWhite Tigers 17,9532,972,900 
12-10-2013Shashank KodhatiDeactivated teammohan XI 12,7726,630,000 
09-10-2013Hasan Mirzamohan XIDeactivated team 3,7271,246,300 
09-10-2013Everton Gertudemohan XIDeactivated team 2,13313,800 
09-10-2013Haydar Mahmoodmohan XIDeactivated team 3,774200,000 
09-10-2013Ramesh Agarwalmohan XIGANGULY THE LEADER 4,044662,600 
09-10-2013Ramanand Mantrimohan XIspartans cc 2,136204,000 
09-10-2013Babr Walimohan XIDeactivated team 2,523134,200 
05-10-2013Daud AliBlood Meth Tearsmohan XI 5,5783,000,000 
03-10-2013Faruq Mohammadmohan XIchennai56 2,36116,800 
03-10-2013Moin Alimohan XIThe Wild Werewolves 6,0403,382,700 
03-10-2013Wasim Hafeezmohan XIDeactivated team 3,267600,000 
03-10-2013Sarath Reddymohan XIROUGE TROOPER 2,04210,000 
03-10-2013Rajesh Alaparthimohan XIDemon's Apolyon 1,48110,000 
03-10-2013Nadir Naseeruddinmohan XIDeactivated team 4,1271,100,000 
30-09-2013Dandupally AmbalakararMonster Blastersmohan XI 6,9566,069,000 
28-09-2013Shaheed Cheemamohan XIDeactivated team 3,7741,611,600 
26-09-2013Faraz Wazirmohan XIDeactivated team 2,888500,000 
02-09-2013Kailash Dey jnrHyderabad Arsenalmohan XI 6,5255,351,300 
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