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Transfer History

Players bought: 121
Players sold: 191
Total purchases: Rs 1,322,040,840
Total sales: Rs 1,391,851,720
Displaying 1-20 of 312 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
01-04-2021Siddharth BiranjanHKD FIRE WARRIORSPuskar Powers 2700 13,188950,000 
01-04-2021Amit NandeibamHKD FIRE WARRIORSPuskar Powers 2700 20,6151,900,000 
06-03-2021Deighton HunteHKD FIRE WARRIORSSpace Raiders 157,80517,483,700 
19-02-2021Clive CoxonHKD FIRE WARRIORSKing Of Cricket 3026 217,04830,900,000 
12-01-2021Siddharth BiranjanThunder TornadoesHKD FIRE WARRIORS 13,1882,280,000 
12-01-2021Vimal BramahcharimayumTOpizHKD FIRE WARRIORS 12,5312,270,000 
12-01-2021Amit Nandeibamsanjan Knight ridersHKD FIRE WARRIORS 14,0562,760,400 
12-01-2021Mois LyonHai HITWICKETHKD FIRE WARRIORS 12,6672,270,000 
08-11-2020Virender SahaHKD FIRE WARRIORSKhany Sports 20,88916,670,000 
08-11-2020Milan VernekarHKD FIRE WARRIORSBD Capital 14,3111,100,000 
05-11-2020Abhinav SinghHKD FIRE WARRIORSDev REDDY Hunters 183,06753,732,600 
05-11-2020Craig JacobScintillating XIHKD FIRE WARRIORS 36,22151,500,000 
04-11-2020Virender Sahakunal007HKD FIRE WARRIORS 20,88915,956,000 
04-11-2020Suraj TrivediDaviid RogersHKD FIRE WARRIORS 12,2871,545,000 
04-11-2020Milan VernekaruiuaneekHKD FIRE WARRIORS 14,3112,150,000 
03-11-2020Zoze PimentaComji FightersHKD FIRE WARRIORS 13,0311,527,000 
03-11-2020Utpal TualthangAnamika XIHKD FIRE WARRIORS 23,06330,993,900 
03-11-2020Trevor CampbellT20 FIGHTERSHKD FIRE WARRIORS 12,8562,270,000 
03-11-2020Sushil AsraniHKD FIRE WARRIORSIndian Challangers 243,82565,000,000 
03-11-2020Amit ChaturvediHKD FIRE WARRIORSDev REDDY Hunters 444,50860,000,000 
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