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Transfer History

Players bought: 271
Players sold: 258
Total purchases: Rs 1,312,481,216
Total sales: Rs 1,300,443,952
Displaying 1-20 of 526 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
17-04-2020Saurabh HemmaUNITED KERALA WOLVESCode Thinkers XI 5,35270,000 
17-04-2020Bhupen AggarwalUNITED KERALA WOLVESCHENNAI IX 79 5,34970,000 
01-04-2020Aluthge TharangaINDIAN KINGS 11UNITED KERALA WOLVES 30,66529,063,200 
01-04-2020Vikranth MunjuluriMSP DEVILSUNITED KERALA WOLVES 40,13826,628,600 
01-04-2020Wayne KingsleyUNITED KERALA WOLVESTamil Pasanga 3473 37,6001,030,000 
01-04-2020Victor WallaceUNITED KERALA WOLVESUNITED KERALA WOLVES 124,62915,450,000 
01-04-2020Aansh BaghelUNITED KERALA WOLVESGhost Ryders 81,63750,000,000 
01-04-2020Chandramohan SiddhantUNITED KERALA WOLVESShadow 11 79,41350,671,100 
01-04-2020George RosaUNITED KERALA WOLVESDrakula warriors 75,19540,000,000 
01-04-2020Shiva ThakurUNITED KERALA WOLVESUNITED KERALA WOLVES 128,44620,600,000 
01-04-2020Steve DaleGhazi Ilam DeenUNITED KERALA WOLVES 109,54126,969,300 
01-04-2020Ashok JajooHorsley HarriersUNITED KERALA WOLVES 136,46030,000,000 
31-03-2020Mohammad NishapuriThe Visionary TitansUNITED KERALA WOLVES 152,88420,662,000 
31-03-2020Ariyawickrama DilshanRaipur BlastersUNITED KERALA WOLVES 192,51785,000,000 
30-03-2020Debraj SaxenaUNITED KERALA WOLVESThe Kings United 47,7252,163,900 
30-03-2020Rajeev MahlotraUNITED KERALA WOLVESMaGiCaL MoNsTeR 54,8393,617,700 
30-03-2020Ananda MahlotraUNITED KERALA WOLVESraaj krega khalsa 43,7701,436,400 
30-03-2020Sachin GoyalUNITED KERALA WOLVESDc Power 84,8855,570,500 
29-03-2020Mayur Kohliraaj krega khalsaUNITED KERALA WOLVES 5,072300,000 
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