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Transfer History

Players bought: 73
Players sold: 144
Total purchases: Rs 614,908,100
Total sales: Rs 714,434,583
Displaying 161-180 of 212 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
15-02-2016Archie JuddKalaigirA SupeR HeroeSHIYA FATIMA 29,4846,999,800 
10-02-2016Dean BeanKalaigirA SupeR HeroeSvijay mass 17,1101,538,400 
07-02-2016Vimal KhandelwalKalaigirA SupeR HeroeSSURESH XI CLUB 6,468221,000 
07-02-2016Sarfaraz AliKalaigirA SupeR HeroeSLogan 6566 24,374799,999 
29-01-2016Rhys LaurieKalaigirA SupeR HeroeSMighty Tigers 24,254999,999 
11-01-2016Haidar KhanKING OF CLAYKalaigirA SupeR HeroeS 120,80119,290,400 
11-01-2016Ajitabh BarveKalaigirA SupeR HeroeSAbcd XI 13,1271,207,800 
11-01-2016Jack WalshKalaigirA SupeR HeroeSChennai Super Kings 340805 12,3321,034,100 
23-12-2015Argho ChaturvediKalaigirA SupeR HeroeSKolkata Knight Riders 326184 27,2601,167,400 
20-12-2015Junaid NiaziKalaigirA SupeR HeroeSKalaigirA SupeR HeroeS 18,1925,456,800 
20-12-2015Andrew WatkinsKalaigirA SupeR HeroeSDeactivated team 30,2994,080,000 
17-12-2015Bruce TyasDeactivated teamKalaigirA SupeR HeroeS 27,0964,360,900 
17-12-2015Junaid NiaziBig Balls XIKalaigirA SupeR HeroeS 18,1922,530,000 
16-12-2015Zulfiqar RafiDeactivated teamKalaigirA SupeR HeroeS 19,1871,126,400 
13-12-2015Mohamed PavithraKalaigirA SupeR HeroeSDeactivated team 19,0261,560,600 
23-11-2015Disna GunasekaraKalaigirA SupeR HeroeSCricket All Stars' 11,7674,999,999 
21-11-2015Mohamed PavithraUltimate RockersKalaigirA SupeR HeroeS 18,853918,000 
17-11-2015Ismail UmarDeactivated teamKalaigirA SupeR HeroeS 18,2523,375,800 
17-11-2015Archie JuddMANISARANKalaigirA SupeR HeroeS 28,2364,161,600 
16-11-2015Sachin BhatnagarKalaigirA SupeR HeroeSRajini Super Kings 24,857503,400 
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