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Transfer History

Players bought: 73
Players sold: 144
Total purchases: Rs 614,908,100
Total sales: Rs 714,434,583
Displaying 201-212 of 212 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
07-10-2015Murtuja JogiyaniKalaigirA SupeR HeroeSdead men walking 7,69810,000 
05-10-2015Madhav SharmaKalaigirA SupeR HeroeSSpeizy XI 14,6541,000,000 
26-09-2015Iqbal AkramKalaigirA SupeR HeroeSMKKR XI 5,240100,000 
23-09-2015Ajitabh BarveGabbar SinghKalaigirA SupeR HeroeS 12,132450,000 
15-09-2015Sulaiman ButtKalaigirA SupeR HeroeSJinal 11 22,617988,400 
13-09-2015Bashir IlderimKalaigirA SupeR HeroeSLemon Taste 10,51558,200 
29-08-2015Jagajeet KohliKalaigirA SupeR HeroeSKalaigirA SupeR HeroeS 7,148510,000 
29-08-2015Iqbal AkramKalaigirA SupeR HeroeSKalaigirA SupeR HeroeS 5,240450,000 
28-08-2015Bashir IlderimKalaigirA SupeR HeroeSKalaigirA SupeR HeroeS 10,515907,800 
28-08-2015Sulaiman ButtRotla ElevanKalaigirA SupeR HeroeS 24,177250,000 
26-08-2015Aamir AhmedHip Hop 11KalaigirA SupeR HeroeS 15,3154,500,000 
25-08-2015Ismail SajjadKalaigirA SupeR HeroeSLondon Cricket 9,7451,267,700 
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