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Transfer History

Players bought: 113
Players sold: 96
Total purchases: Rs 201,318,389
Total sales: Rs 111,605,791
Displaying 61-80 of 209 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
25-11-2016Andre Springersonu super kings 1Deactivated team 16,365158,000 
25-11-2016Akashdeep Nathsonu super kings 1Deactivated team 20,033152,100 
25-11-2016Nadir Hafeezsonu super kings 1Deactivated team 17,17220,000 
25-11-2016Kelvin Lambkinsonu super kings 1Deactivated team 15,13420,400 
25-11-2016Sudarshan Thakwanisonu super kings 1Deactivated team 16,38920,400 
25-11-2016Tunuguntla Bendigerisonu super kings 1Deactivated team 12,55320,000 
25-11-2016Prasannay Lokhandesonu super kings 1Kharegaon super kings 6298 14,62810,000 
27-10-2016Yasin Ahmedsonu super kings 1iRock's 52,1562,550,000 
18-10-2016Nadir HafeezBshasonu super kings 1 17,1721,290,000 
17-10-2016Adam GaleDeactivated teamsonu super kings 1 20,5031,600,000 
15-10-2016Prasannay Lokhandemadras machanssonu super kings 1 14,628200,000 
11-10-2016Andre SpringerPS elevensonu super kings 1 16,3651,450,000 
11-10-2016Dermot MorrisCapT CoOL MsDsonu super kings 1 22,893777,777 
11-10-2016Tunuguntla BendigeriTHE DARK KNIGHT RISESsonu super kings 1 12,553306,000 
13-09-2016Saurabh Kapoorsonu super kings 1Deactivated team 19,809306,000 
13-09-2016Utpal Panditsonu super kings 1manchala 16,935510,000 
13-09-2016Tom Baughsonu super kings 1BAD NEWS XI 15,10520,000 
13-09-2016Humayun Islamsonu super kings 1Goosebumps 14,13915,000 
10-09-2016Matt Darwinsonu super kings 1bull hitter 37,7917,768,600 
07-09-2016Lingesan SreeChennai Foxsonu super kings 1 41,51716,542,400 
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