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Transfer History

Players bought: 71
Players sold: 61
Total purchases: Rs 197,685,540
Total sales: Rs 69,503,020
Displaying 41-60 of 131 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
24-06-2020Sarbananda BorgohainSachin XI 1377Sachin Tiger 12,8722,240,000 
12-03-2020Badri RebbapragadaSachin XI 1377Sachin Tiger 76,2396,784,800 
05-03-2020Abhay KhandelwalSachin TigerJamshedpur Jaguars 67,0072,925,200 
21-02-2020Rose ShouravSachin XI 1377Sachin Tiger 63,2243,220,200 
17-02-2020Farook AkhtarSachin XI 1377Sachin Tiger 66,6577,311,600 
08-02-2020Ajeet UllalSachin XI 1377Sachin Tiger 19,9949,250,000 
02-02-2020Dipoo RebbapragadaSachin XI 1377Sachin Tiger 42,6554,700,000 
29-01-2020Lewis WarehamSachin XI 1377Sachin Tiger 72,2777,074,000 
27-12-2019Peter BelgraveSachin XI 1377Sachin Tiger 78,2728,370,000 
06-12-2019Abhay KhandelwalSachin XI 1377Sachin Tiger 56,2466,913,600 
06-12-2019Ajithan MendisSachin Tigersachin rock 17,607120,000 
06-12-2019Imran HussainSachin TigerSachin Tiger 7,501230,000 
05-12-2019Saurabh DoshiSachin Tigersachin rock 12,8771,710,000 
05-12-2019Saiyid FasihuddinSachin Tigersachin rock 16,065630,000 
05-12-2019Samantha YogbhaSachin Tigersachin rock 19,901566,500 
05-12-2019Rao ChughtaiSachin Tigersachin rock 7,706150,000 
05-12-2019Rajen KohliSachin Tigersachin rock 18,299166,400 
05-12-2019Vuyisile MhlangaSachin Tigersachin rock 2,485120,000 
05-12-2019Narain AgarwalSachin Tigersachin rock 4,489410,000 
05-12-2019Chandraprakash BhagawatiSachin Tigersachin rock 6,961210,000 
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