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Transfer History

Players bought: 79
Players sold: 100
Total purchases: Rs 1,040,281,700
Total sales: Rs 1,125,247,320
Displaying 1-20 of 178 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
08-05-2019Warren Gowerdevils group1WORLD CLASS PLAYER XI 216,688110,300,000 
09-03-2019Warren GowerWORLD CLASS PLAYER XIdevils group1 190,304109,715,800 
11-02-2019Adil Iqbaldevils group1The DRAGONITES XI 206,57952,167,500 
08-02-2019Vijay Vairamdevils group1chennai legends XI 135,69046,870,800 
06-02-2019Adil IqbalWORLD CLASS PLAYER XIdevils group1 206,579123,000,000 
05-02-2019Jaydeb Chakrabortidevils group1Az's Rising Stars 174,19136,050,000 
05-02-2019Govinda Dhingradevils group1TITANS MAGICAL STRIKERS 148,03727,575,100 
01-02-2019Vijay VairamWORLD CLASS PLAYER XIdevils group1 132,22492,700,000 
14-01-2019Rohit Sarmadevils group1HISTORY CREATOR 204,27339,403,800 
11-01-2019Joe Whitakerdevils group1dream too win 87,57224,071,500 
11-01-2019Jaydeb ChakrabortiWORLD CLASS PLAYER XIdevils group1 174,19190,000,000 
16-12-2018Govinda DhingraWORLD CLASS PLAYER XIdevils group1 140,25175,000,000 
14-12-2018Rohit SarmaWORLD CLASS PLAYER XIdevils group1 202,408104,030,000 
14-12-2018Joe WhitakerWORLD CLASS PLAYER XIdevils group1 86,22045,000,000 
29-03-2018Aghor Bhagwatidevils group1Karnataka Rocker 36,36610,800,000 
29-03-2018Anupam Goeldevils group1YASH M XI 32,2249,012,500 
04-03-2018Imran Mahmooddevils group1Bangladesh Stars XI 51,19455,841,200 
25-02-2018Montraie Stewartdevils group1Avarice Strikers 45,52026,878,800 
24-02-2018Ilyas Sayeeddevils group1Yusuf Sixers 32,88420,600,000 
24-02-2018Esmail Mohammaddevils group1Warriors of Galaxy 58,46737,131,500 
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