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Transfer History

Players bought: 32
Players sold: 95
Total purchases: Rs 596,155,600
Total sales: Rs 1,113,394,516
Displaying 101-120 of 126 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
15-11-2015Tino NicholsonBengaluru Blaze XIAnnoying Gang 12,829950,000 
15-11-2015Dennis FrithBengaluru Blaze XIFirE WInGs'''Mk 14,891300,000 
10-11-2015William AdamsBengaluru Blaze XIKannada 11 16,7341,020,000 
31-10-2015Cyril PollardBengaluru Blaze XIDestruction 15,97615,404,500 
31-10-2015Curtley SicardBengaluru Blaze XIPrasenjit 11 25,12214,692,100 
10-10-2015Andre TyrellBengaluru Blaze XIbaljeet xi 15,3113,000,000 
10-10-2015Selwyn BrahamBengaluru Blaze XIBengaluru Blaze XI 23,0848,582,700 
29-09-2015Mingel PintoBengaluru Blaze XILions Lanka 23,8659,792,000 
28-09-2015Sameera SanjayaDeactivated teamBengaluru Blaze XI 39,68520,135,900 
26-09-2015Sachin KohliBengaluru Blaze XIWarder CC 33,07213,514,500 
25-08-2015Monthi LourencoBengaluru Blaze XIVenum 15,1914,354,400 
13-08-2015Tom GanouriBengaluru Blaze XIMoltres Serafine 25,0665,306,100 
29-06-2015Andrew NicholBengaluru Blaze XItake off 50,5222,000,000 
25-06-2015Siddhant JainBengaluru Blaze XIDeactivated team 26,2501,000,000 
17-06-2015Himesh DagaBengaluru Blaze XISpartan Hoplites 17,741500,000 
12-06-2015Monthi MascarenhasBengaluru Blaze XILion Hearts Team 30,660500,000 
04-06-2015Rafi AliBengaluru Blaze XISandy's Team 6,07010,000 
25-05-2015Shawn NeysmithBengaluru Blaze XIVarvala XI 12,7161,061,300 
05-05-2015Siddhant GoelBengaluru Blaze XIMAJESTIC ROYALS 13,25230,000 
23-04-2015Nabendu GoelBengaluru Blaze XIDeactivated team 3,88110,000 
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