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Transfer History

Players bought: 69
Players sold: 81
Total purchases: Rs 173,208,084
Total sales: Rs 220,162,796
Displaying 141-148 of 148 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
23-02-2015Abhishek Chandrasekarchennai super kings'Deactivated team 5,35710,500 
23-02-2015Annamaneni Diwakarchennai super kings'Mankatha Dawww 10,05180,000 
21-02-2015Husnan HafeezPhracterchennai super kings' 7,65025,000 
20-02-2015Anchal AmilaAirspacechennai super kings' 10,389104,100 
20-02-2015Aacharya Vaidyanathanraiders11chennai super kings' 8,38110,000 
20-02-2015Tadepalli Balasubramanianchennai super kings'chennai super kings' 4,143280,000 
18-02-2015Steve Backhousekingsofheartchennai super kings' 40,355340,800 
17-02-2015Pedru MesquitaSomumajhichennai super kings' 48,1631,902,900 
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