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Transfer History

Players bought: 69
Players sold: 81
Total purchases: Rs 173,208,084
Total sales: Rs 220,162,796
Displaying 101-120 of 148 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
06-04-2015Sachin Venkatramanchennai super kings'Deactivated team 12,23921,000 
06-04-2015Husnan Hafeezchennai super kings'Deactivated team 7,65010,500 
04-04-2015Aakarsh Baalasubramaniyanhecx 11chennai super kings' 44,658846,900 
02-04-2015Rashid Chaudharychennai super kings'Youngster Club 9,928221,000 
02-04-2015Yaqub Chauhanchennai super kings'PAKISTAN 16,902816,000 
01-04-2015Earl WadeDeactivated teamchennai super kings' 28,2531,700,000 
01-04-2015Kazandu LutuliDeactivated teamchennai super kings' 18,576459,000 
01-04-2015Brahmabrata Hosmathtamil pasagachennai super kings' 12,04353,200 
31-03-2015Sachin VenkatramanCSK ku whistle poduchennai super kings' 12,239108,400 
30-03-2015Kamod Saxenachennai super kings'Kolkata Panthers XI 12,533662,800 
30-03-2015Ethan Oxleychennai super kings'The Cricket Mafia 28,9232,577,900 
28-03-2015Virendra HmarMighty OZschennai super kings' 20,7771,549,700 
27-03-2015Amit KumarSIVA SUPER SIXERSchennai super kings' 17,778100,000 
27-03-2015Siddhant JainCENTRAL STAGSchennai super kings' 14,06156,600 
26-03-2015Praveen Adeethyachennai super kings'Indian gurus 10,00077,100 
26-03-2015Hemang ZarapkarThe Sons of a Pitchchennai super kings' 13,792242,200 
26-03-2015Salman LiaqatDadagiri Rockschennai super kings' 15,620160,000 
26-03-2015Nagarjuna Nidumoluchennai super kings'packistan 31,5501,224,000 
24-03-2015Anchal Amilachennai super kings'sonic warriors 10,38910,800 
22-03-2015Nicolas AldenDeactivated teamchennai super kings' 17,427357,000 
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