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Transfer History

Players bought: 69
Players sold: 81
Total purchases: Rs 173,208,084
Total sales: Rs 220,162,796
Displaying 41-60 of 148 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
21-10-2015Chetan ThakurI LOVE MY GODchennai super kings' 46311,100 
21-10-2015Victor AckermannI LOVE MY GODchennai super kings' 67711,400 
21-10-2015Chandrakirthi PadkiI LOVE MY GODchennai super kings' 4,45910,200 
21-10-2015Nishit Kumarnyol XIchennai super kings' 7,88210,200 
21-10-2015Nimesh Sisodianyol XIchennai super kings' 8,79210,200 
17-10-2015Gyanesh Mokashichennai super kings'Bijapur Bulls Eleven 23,3533,060,000 
08-10-2015Cyril Symondschennai super kings'Deactivated team 13,3451,741,400 
08-10-2015Garry Hoggchennai super kings'Milap XI 23,716600,000 
06-10-2015Hashani De Silvachennai super kings'Moonwalkers 20,2089,809,500 
03-10-2015Din Buttchennai super kings'yorKing 8,00710,200 
28-09-2015Dayaanidhi Koneruchennai super kings'Deactivated team 5,30710,200 
27-09-2015Siddhant Jainchennai super kings'Lets Play 15,5251,111,111 
27-09-2015Hauke Khweneyanechennai super kings'devils defenders 12,82311,400 
24-09-2015Santhoshvino Arumainayagamchennai super kings'Umamaheswaran0608 XI 10,49710,500 
20-09-2015Sardar Ahmedchennai super kings'AcostiCz SA X1 16,143612,000 
17-09-2015Supuni AppathuraiAlpha Teamchennai super kings' 13,2255,100,000 
31-08-2015Virendra Hmarchennai super kings'jithin XI Team 24,0604,805,500 
29-08-2015Dayaanidhi KoneruRAINA SUNNY 11chennai super kings' 5,30751,000 
29-08-2015Santhoshvino Arumainayagamgraysky XIchennai super kings' 10,497100,000 
28-08-2015Hauke KhweneyaneDeactivated teamchennai super kings' 12,823104,100 
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