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Transfer History

Players bought: 69
Players sold: 81
Total purchases: Rs 173,208,084
Total sales: Rs 220,162,796
Displaying 21-40 of 148 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
13-11-2015Mudit SaxenaBig Bang XI Clubchennai super kings' 19,24610,500 
13-11-2015Madison Hilfenhauskolin knight riderschennai super kings' 26,4389,999,999 
10-11-2015Deepak Pujarichennai super kings'3rd XI 13,101600,000 
10-11-2015Baalasubramanian Prabakarchennai super kings'Jantar Mantar 36,01728,706,300 
08-11-2015Don Arambegodachennai super kings'Deactivated team 16,3841,248,500 
04-11-2015Deepak Pujarichennai super kings'chennai super kings' 13,1011,881,300 
03-11-2015Nimesh Sisodiachennai super kings'Bengal Tigers XI Club 8,792100,000 
02-11-2015Dev NaickerDouble Thunderschennai super kings' 41,7226,327,400 
02-11-2015Sanchit JangidROYAL WARRIORSchennai super kings' 14,85215,300 
01-11-2015Priyush Shikharchennai super kings'Vibhor Lions 17,929999,999 
31-10-2015Nicolas Aldenchennai super kings'Devta 11 Kings 19,9901,500,000 
31-10-2015Nishit Kumarchennai super kings'SHAHEEN 11 7,882478,500 
28-10-2015Suresh Warekpamchennai super kings'Shayaan 11 15,0532,800,000 
28-10-2015Andrew Elmeschennai super kings'The Expandables 23,6314,416,400 
27-10-2015Nagarjuna ReddyBreaking Badchennai super kings' 47,87318,936,200 
27-10-2015Shokat Kuchischennai super kings'Deactivated team 13,044500,000 
27-10-2015Vali Vaidyanchennai super kings'Deactivated team 14,752600,000 
27-10-2015Viswanath Madhanchennai super kings'FIRE11 AAG LAGA DEGA 16,90111,220,000 
22-10-2015Gerald OwenKOPITESchennai super kings' 66,99534,999,999 
22-10-2015Priyush ShikharGolden State Cavalierschennai super kings' 18,190225,500 
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