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Transfer History

Players bought: 50
Players sold: 69
Total purchases: Rs 460,500,700
Total sales: Rs 553,028,079
Displaying 1-20 of 119 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
08-04-2017Gulzeb NaeemBastards of Middle EarthRavi XI 4791 66,3399,745,500 
08-04-2017Idris MianBastards of Middle EarthWolfs Mighty 216,04967,000,000 
31-03-2017Nishantha NethmiBastards of Middle EarthISLAMABAD TIGERS 1173 10,20355,400 
26-01-2017Vimal JainBastards of Middle EarthMaa Ki Aankh 81,6448,533,400 
25-01-2017Sudama AnthonyNiharikaBastards of Middle Earth 87,49966,300,000 
22-01-2017Vijay SamalaNotorious NawabsBastards of Middle Earth 20,13111,432,500 
13-01-2017Gunasiri ThirimanneBastards of Middle EarthMONSTER FORCE 212,97770,000,000 
08-12-2016Javed NawazRaising DragonsBastards of Middle Earth 50,86121,000,000 
01-12-2016Sajeeka IreshaBastards of Middle EarthASH 'THE BOMB SQUAD' 22,90063,672,500 
29-10-2016Joe GordonCRICKETING PHANTOMS'Bastards of Middle Earth 114,66674,192,400 
12-10-2016Roger WaineRanavas RoyalBastards of Middle Earth 24,64319,976,300 
07-10-2016Steven CoxonBastards of Middle EarthMysore Masala 188,19991,800,000 
15-09-2016Koshila KasunBastards of Middle EarthBest amid the rest 21,9859,560,900 
20-06-2016Gulzeb NaeemCRIC ForceBastards of Middle Earth 74,65150,809,000 
15-06-2016Naveen WangkhemBastards of Middle EarthRussell Viper 42,39326,498,000 
05-06-2016Muzahir MirBastards of Middle EarthATABARA Royals 57,02923,191,000 
20-05-2016Victor McMillianBastards of Middle EarthRoaring Bengal Tigers 20,3367,391,100 
08-03-2016Aruna ErangaBlack Hawks'Bastards of Middle Earth 31,0528,302,800 
29-02-2016Salah HabibAlpha Soldiers XIBastards of Middle Earth 46,40423,201,000 
22-02-2016Thusara ChandanaBastards of Middle EarthThe Gladiators 13,1025,500,000 
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