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Transfer History

Players bought: 118
Players sold: 150
Total purchases: Rs 2,256,463,881
Total sales: Rs 2,671,936,588
Displaying 1-20 of 264 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
06-04-2021Tapan SinghGhazi Ilam DeenHappiness 63,34538,599,200 
06-04-2021Gangaraaju PrasadGhazi Ilam DeenBest amid the rest 122,72550,146,000 
03-04-2021Shahanaz ButtGhazi Ilam DeenTonka Tykes 262,579127,510,300 
03-04-2021Gurpreet AjithGhazi Ilam DeenArun warriers 92,52223,422,100 
03-04-2021Abhijit SarmaGhazi Ilam DeenVinz Vipers 145,63773,252,800 
19-03-2021Iftikhar SiddiquiGhazi Ilam DeenBlitzkrieg Performers 24,5505,980,000 
14-03-2021Josiane BrahamKingpin SnipersGhazi Ilam Deen 1,50410,000 
14-03-2021Saleh BulfatiImad OddballsGhazi Ilam Deen 2,05550,000 
14-03-2021Chilukuri Gargsuperior playersGhazi Ilam Deen 9545,700 
14-03-2021Nikhil SabnisKINGS 7404Ghazi Ilam Deen 88225,000 
14-03-2021Ajay VasireddyAnany ChampsGhazi Ilam Deen 1,00425,000 
14-03-2021Chandrakiran Aggarwalsuperior playersGhazi Ilam Deen 2,30720,000 
14-03-2021Ashank GoelSs Cricket TeamGhazi Ilam Deen 1,00410,000 
14-03-2021Sriram DagaSs Cricket TeamGhazi Ilam Deen 95410,000 
27-02-2021Saran PrakashGhazi Ilam DeenINDIAN RHINOES 35,0836,020,000 
24-02-2021Deepesh ChakrabortiSahi11Ghazi Ilam Deen 140,81140,000,000 
12-02-2021Omarjeet KumarGhazi Ilam DeenCSK 07 196,92368,127,200 
12-02-2021Rameshwar PoddarGhazi Ilam DeenCSK 07 151,38256,872,000 
12-02-2021Caleb ChambersGhazi Ilam DeenCSK 07 268,421106,261,600 
29-01-2021Henry ForestGhazi Ilam DeenNAD E ALI 200,74634,028,800 
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